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The Power of Mind Over (Pregnancy) Pain

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Our subconscious mind is responsible for most of our physical functions, such as, our heart rate, hormone production, and even our emotions. Natal-Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation in which a mother's mind is filled with positive associations and images of child birth. This is done so that she can call on them during child birth. In a way, hypnotherapy combines the positive powers of the mind with the natural body. Additionally, HypnoFertility sessions are used for couples to achieve the stress-release which is needed for a successful conception.

What is Hypnosis for Fertility and Labor?

An increasing rate of infertility is unfortunate, but also a common problem. As mentioned earlier, hypnosis is a state of deep mental relaxation which enables the hypnotized person to focus on a particular thought or feeling while effectively blocking out all outside distractions. This helps whether a couple is trying for a baby or when a woman prepares herself for childbirth. With hypnosis, a couple is not only able to increase their fertility, but is also beneficial for the mother who can use it to replace her fears and expectations of pain with the confidence of going through a safe, gentle and comfortable birth.

How is it Done?

Both Natal Hypnotherapy and HypnoFertility sessions do not at all involve a man swinging a pocket watch in front of a person’s face, taking them into a hypnotic trance. In fact, hypnosis for childbirth programs is where mothers-to-be learn how to hypnotize themselves using simple techniques, such as, deep breathing exercises, hypnosis scripts and visualization. For instance, a woman who is expecting can use Hypnosis to concentrate on the sound of deep breathing and visualizing her baby easing down with each deep breath.

While HypnoFertility sessions introduce women and their partners to stress release techniques and even a new vocabulary to describe their experiences of labor and birth, such as, women may refer to dilation as blossoming or a contraction as a surge instead of using the traditional terms.

Benefits of Hypnosis?

It is no secret that Hypnosis is widely used to stimulate fertility. Apart from that, research has also shown that mothers who use Natal hypnotherapy during child birth tend to use less pain medication and also rate their labor pains as being less severe. Some reports have even revealed cases in which mothers have experienced no pain at all during birth. In this way, Natal Hypnotherapy can be considered as a good choice as a pain relief option for mothers during child birth, since unlike medication, there are no risks or adverse side effects involved by using Hypnosis programs. The benefits of HypnoFertility and Natal Hypnotherapy are not restricted to mothers alone; children who have been conceived through hypnosis also tend to be healthy, more social, and better sleepers.


Giving birth should be an amazing and positive experience. Sadly, there are many women who are simply terrified about even the thought of going into labor. The cause for their traumatized and severe Tokophobia (fear of childbirth) is mostly because they feel that being calm, focused and in control of their responses during labor is out of the question. Fortunately, using the techniques of Hypno-birthing, women who are expecting can go onto having a serene and peaceful birth.

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